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Get Your Hands on iPhone OS 4.0 Without Being a Dev


FD3BCC53-244E-42EB-98ED-E3C5C5C6A044.jpgWere you glued to Apple’s conference earlier today in which they gave us a preview of their iPhone OS 4.0? Are you eagerly awaiting summer to get your hands on the software update? Well you needn’t wait that long – you can get your hands on the beta now, without having to register and pay as a developer.

Rabbitpj4 is an eBay seller who, for £4.99, will register you on his developer account which will allow you to install the 4.0 firmware. He will also send you links to the firmware downloads, video tutorials of how to install and links to all updates of the 4.0 beta firmware.

In his eBay listing, Rabbitpj4 claims to have you up and running within the hour. I made my purchase not too long ago and I’m currently awaiting my email. I’ll post my review of 4.0 when I’ve had a good play with it.

Please note: Once you have installed 4.0, you cannot downgrade to 3.1.3, and I would not recommend installing if you are a jailbreaker. I also accept no responsibility for anything that goes wrong as a result of downloading or installing this firmware. I do not recommend it – I simply told you about it!

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