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Jailbreaking iPhone 3G with 3.1.2 Firmware


Okay, first of all, I think an apology is due… The last time I posted to NotAnotherMacBlog was months ago! I know, it’s terrible. But I’ve moved house, started a new job, blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, on to the good stuff – you may be aware that GeoHot recently released Blackra1n to jailbreak the iPhone and iPod Touch running 3.1.2 firmware. GeoHot’s website claims:

blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak.

However, after reading through the comments on the website before performing the jailbreak myself, it seems vast amounts of people are having problems jailbreaking the 3G running 3.1.2 firmware. It seems to be working seamlessly on the iPhone 2G, and there aren’t many problems reported from those with the iPhone 3GS or iPod Touches.

Well I was having the same problem – I just could not jailbreak my iPhone 3G. I opened Blackra1n, plugged in my iPhone, clicked “make it rain” and then waited until my device entered restore mode. Then waited, and waited, and waited. And nothing happened. I held down the home and power buttons until my iPhone restarted and after about 10 attempts, I gave up.

Before removing Blackra1n from my computer completely, I decided I’d give it one last go, but this time I decided to try with a clean iPhone. I plugged my iPhone in, backed up in iTunes, then clicked restore. Then, when the restore was complete and my iPhone told me to connect it to iTunes, I opened Blackra1n and clicked “make it rain.”

Screen shot 2009-10-24 at 19.15.57

I’ve never seen a jailbreak happen so fast! I literally minimized Blackra1n for about 10 seconds whilst I checked my mail, then when I opened it again, I was greeted by a notice that informed me the jailbreak was complete and that I should wait for the iPhone to reboot. So I did.

After looking at a picture of GeoHot himself on my iPhone for about 30 seconds, the device rebooted and I was left with a lovely Blackra1n app installed. I’m yet to use it as I’m restoring my iPhone’s backup, however, I think those of you out there with the same problem should try from a restored device. It seems to do the trick.

If you’ve suffered this problem and given my solution a try, please leave a comment and let me know how it went.

Blackra1n is available on both Mac and Windows and will allow jailbreaking but not unlocking at present.

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  1. 23/11/2009 10:19 pm

    Not to be rude, this is s great article but you have the wrong firmware version number. You have it listed as 3.2.1 except in the quote from GeoHot’s site. Just wanted to point this out because it could prevent some people from finding this article.

  2. 01/07/2010 9:39 am

    I get a iphone4 in US,but cannot use in China ,please help me to break it!

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