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iPhone 3GS Unlock a Step Closer?


19-year-old hacker, George Hotz, also known as “GeoHot”, may have found a way to unlock the new iPhone 3GS. The Dev-Team have already cracked and unlocked the 3.0 firmware, however, their methods will only allow for a jailbreak and unlock on the iPhone 2G and 3G, not the recently released 3GS.

It’s been on the shelves less than a week, and already hackers all over have made great progress in showing Apple they’re a strong force to overcome, however there are thousands of proud 3GS owners everywhere eagerly awaiting a breakthrough with the new device.

Hotz believes he may have found it. At present, details are very much unclear, however following a screenshot Hotz has posted on a blog (seen below), a custom command entered in to the iPhone’s iBoot implies the “signature checks” had been bypassed, according to an explanation in the comments. If this is the case, hackers will be that little bit closer to cracking the device and enabling an unlock.


For now, it’s very much watch this space. But for those of you with a shinny new 3GS desperate to stick in an unsupported SIM, this could be the beginning of something great.

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