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WordPress iPhone App Has Massive Flaw


Picture 1Since I started NotAnotherMacBlog, I’ve become a bit of a blogging addict. I suppose it’s a novelty as I’ve not really done anything like this before, and I’m sure it will soon wear off, but for now I quite enjoy typing up the odd post. I was quite pleased therefore to find that there was a WordPress application for the iPhone.

Great. I could sit on the train, on a plane, in a car, listening to my music, typing up my posts and finding the information and pictures I need from the web, all from my iPhone. How convenient. So, I downloaded the app before I went to bed last night and installed it on my iPhone. Then I forgot all about it until today when I was incredibly bored at work. The office was busy, I could sit there happily typing up some posts and nobody would have known.

After about an hour, with a little bit of working in between, I had typed up a nice long post. It was around 500 words and it was all about how great I thought the WordPress for iPhone app was. Just before I had finished the post, I was called in to a meeting so I saved the post in the “local drafts” folder and I put my iPhone away.

An hour later I came out of my meeting and I decide I’ll upload my post to the site. I load up WordPress, wait for it to load up my posts, then I click on the “local drafts” folder….. Empty. Not a post in sight. I came back out of the folder and went back in. Still nothing. Despite the fact that it said there was 1 (“local drafts (1)”) post in the folder, it was completely empty. I closed the app, even restarted my iPhone and loaded WordPress back up, and nothing.

WordPress app shows "(2)" posts in "Local Drafts" folder.

WordPress app shows "(2)" posts in "Local Drafts" folder.

What I thought was a fantastic iPhone app, turned out to be a rather annoying disappointment. After a search on Google, it seems this problem’s been around a while. There was posts about this as far back as October, yet it still hadn’t been fixed. It’s quite a shame really because it could be a pretty great app. However for the time being, I won’t be using it to update the site. Instead I’m going to try illumineX’s “iBlogger” app — when trying to solve the problem with the WordPress app, this seemed to be the app most people suggested was the best out there at present.

I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes. Have you tried iBlogger or been infuriated by disappearing drafts in the WordPress app? Leave a comment and let us know.

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