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App of the Day: X2 Football 2009



I remember waiting a long, long time to get a decent football game on the iPhone, and then Real Football 2009 came along. And it was fantastic! It certainly filled a gap that needed filling and, for me, was by far the top football game in the AppStore, with no real competition.

Now that’s all changed. Welcome X2 Football 2009 from X2 Games. If you too are a fan of Real Football, you must buy X2 Football, it’s outstanding. If you’re a bit hesitant about spending £3.99 on an app at the drop of a hat, there’s also a free version that will give you a little taste — X2 Football Lite, however you can only access “training” mode on the lite version, and can’t actually play a proper game.

My only qualm so far is that the game features international teams only, there’s no option to play as domestic clubs. Although that really doesn’t matter. This game is brilliant. Choose to play with one of more than 50 teams, through a number of tournaments, leagues and cups. This game really never gets boring and after a few minutes of play, you’ll find you’re hooked. You can also play one of the Training or Penalty shoot-out games.

The graphics are stunning and I still find it hard to believe I can play games of this calibre on what is essentially my mobile phone. The controls are intuitive and well thought-out. There are three buttons on the right — pass, shoot, through-ball, etc, and an analogue stick on the left that will move to wherever you place your thumb.


Relive your fantastic goals with the excellent full 3D replays that allow you to view your best bits from multiple camera angles. Impressive commentary also makes the game feel that little bit more authentic and more like you’ve just loaded up a football game on your latest console.

X2 Football is a real MUST for any football fan and when Fifa arrives on the iPhone, it has a lot to beat. Watch the video here.

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